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Love where you live

Love where you live mural in Sunshine

Love where you live mural in Sunshine


“Love where you live” campaign

Logo design
When Beautiful Brimbank commissioned me to design the logo for this campaign, I couldn’t have been happier to work on this not for profit community project. I loved working on such a positive message for the area where I also live. I chose a brightly coloured and simplified cityscape for the logo, which appears on signs, stickers, ashtrays, posters, and a mural. 
Bin wrap design
Extending the logo into a poster style to go on the bins in central Sunshine was an exercise in flexibility with the existing shapes and colours. They brightened up the streets of Sunshine, helping to create pride, and keeping the streets cleaner.
Mural design and art direction
Collaborating with illustrator Kim Fleming, and mural artist, Sebastian Franz, this mural stands out in the Sunshine CBD.