Studio Hibiscus

creek geek


Friends of Kororoit Creek art projects

Creek Geek Illustration

The Friends of Kororoit Creek asked me to design a character known as Creek Geek that could be silk screened onto t-shirts and tote bags at a creekside planting on National Tree Day. 

I had the freedom to play around with ideas and create a happy water droplet. I originally had it juggling smaller water droplets, but FOKC briefed me add more flora elements, to show that creek love is not just about the water: it’s the surrounds that need to be cared for too. The clear design worked really well on everyone’s t shirts on the day. The only problem was the wind: turns out plein air silk screening is quite a challenge, with materials blowing around everywhere!

Bin wrap art

Booger is a character inspired by a soft toy owned by my son, which has been used as an environmental warrior by Melbourne company “Our Community” on Twitter and in their office. When The Friends of Kororoit Creek asked the community to contribute to the “ Straws suck” campaign in Sunshine, I jumped at the chance to get Boooger onto the streets to spread the anti litter message. Check out @booger_is_green for updates. 

My students at Studio Hibiscus Art Club also had the chance to collaborate and create a series of bin wraps using collage and paint techniques to realise their ideas. A fantastic way to engage the community: the kids were so excited to see their work on the streets.

Book design

A collection of poems from a community competition run by Friends of Kororoit Creek.  It was releases in hand with an exhibition at Sunshine Art Space. A wonderful project to work on, as FOKC gave me the freedom to design in any style. I chose to use fluid line elements to link the book’s pages together representing the flow of water in the creek. The natural colour palette complements the photos.